alternative lifestyle

Alternative Lifestyle is a series of environmental photographs that shows people living on narrow boats on the Grand Union Canal in London.

Humans are 60% water and need water to survive more than food. We are all drawn to water; perhaps the subconscious memories of the womb and the link with our mothers or perhaps simple survival instinct. This unconscious human behaviour has made some people decide to live not only near the water, but on it.

Boaters remind us that it is possible to seek alternative and eco-friendly ways of living; they want to live free from the conventions of modern society and be able to have a different sense of community, where helping one another is an integral part of their way of life. They are free souls, who want to take advantage of the resources of the city and the countryside life, free to travel whenever they please. To have limited personal space and use of resources, such as power and water, makes them more conscious of the environment and their place within it.

The common factor amongst all the people that Diana encountered on the Grand Union Canal; all of them have a similar state of mind. The have turned the romantic dream of living on a boat into an inspirational and utopian reality. Studying this way of life, Diana finds out the reasons why people choose to live on a narrow boat and explores the connection between the people, their boats and the water that surrounds them

Diana’s photographs communicate the intimate nature of her approach and her ability to gain the trust of her subjects. Portraying her subjects in their everyday setting, Diana is able to share this intimate engagement with the audience. The results are candid and honest portraits of her sitters that seem to reveal the true essence of their personalities.